travelling set of music pavilions begeleiders: Jacob Voorthuis and Constant Hak
september 2014 - januari 2015 Expositie op Dutch Design Week 2015 Eervolle vermelding ‘Beste Maquette’ Anarchi Architecture Awards, Architectuurvereniging Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Genomineerd voor ‘Beste Project’, Anarchi Architecture Awards, Architectuurvereniging Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

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A possible interpretation of working with sound and space, is to design several relatively small spaces, designed for specific pieces of music: a travelling set of music pavilions. This set can either be temporarily placed in a city (for example in Utrecht; a pavilion at the Neude, an interior installation in the former post office) or in a rural area (for example at national park the Hoge Veluwe; a pavilion placed in nature, an interior installation placed in the Radio Kootwijk building), together forming a sequence of music experiences placed in a walking or cycling route. An experience of different pieces of music, in an environment (building or installation) that tells the story of the music and the time that they are from. Together, these pavilions and installations show the development of music through the ages, combined with an atmosphere and acoustics that emphasize the nature of the piece.


Six pavilions for six pieces of music are part of this set, of which three have got a shape in this design studio; a sacral pavilion for Allegri’s Miserere Mei, an installation with curtains for Shubert’s Piano Trio in e minor and an installation that can be used for both Merula’s Ciaconna and Vivaldi’s Violin concerto in e minor.